Melvyn J. Scariano

On Oct.15, 2021 we lost a wonderful man. Melvyn Scariano, born June 3, 1935 and leaving us all feeling a loss like no other. I, Lloyd Stone was his only relation. He was my father, partner, best friend, and soulmate. I will never meet another like him. Mel's dog Caesar is mourning him. Mel loved him deeply. Mel's long time friends Debbie Harmon, Cary Eberhardt, Barbara and Pete Hively all got to speak with me and him over phone. Robert Wilt has helped me deal with the pain which will last a very long time. I will not say goodbye to Mel. He has made me a better man and taught me the respect we should have in life. God Bless You Mel. I will fight hard to see you again. I know you went to the good place. Glad I got you home. My tears are falling now as they will forever. I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU. FOREVER YOURS LLOYD