Our pre-paid plan

Rising cremation expenses are inevitable, so selecting to pre-pay your expenses in advance ensures your family will save money.

Our plan guarantees that all of the cremation services included in the plan will be covered no matter how much prices might rise in the future. All funds paid in advanced are placed in an irrevocable final expense insurance policy through our firm.  Your funds are kept securely and separately from Simplicity Cremation Care of NEPA, ensuring that they are protected until needed. 

Pre-payments can include a single one time payment, or monthly payment plans over 1, 3, 7 or 10 years. Installment plans and their monthly costs are subject to age cap eligibility criteria.  Once your plan goes into effect, you will be presented with a packet containing all your relevant details to share with your family.

Pre-planning gives your family the gift of peace of mind.  When the time comes, your loved ones only need to make one phone call which will allow us the go forward with the plans you set in place.

If you ever move out of our service area than your plan is fully transferable to another cremation service provider located in your new area of residency. 

Items not included or covered in our advanced cremation plan:

-Transportation to bring the deceased into our care if they pass away outside of our service area.

-Increases to costs associated with certified copies of death or cremation permit fees.

-Costs associated with the mailing of cremated remains.

-Costs associated with changes in regulations, tax if enacted, laws, or generally accepted practice, which result in additional costs or affect the conduct of the cremation.

By pre-planning with us, you can rest assured that your final wishes are in good hands. Get started today by filling out our online request form. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at 570-282-4872