Frequently Asked Questions

To help you decide what is right for you, we have provided answers to some frequently asked questions.

If you desire to ask us questions directly, please feel free to call us at anytime.

What is a direct cremation? It is a simple and complete service that does not involve any type of formal funeral ceremony.  The deceased is brought into our care from the place of death and than transported to the crematory once all the necessary paperwork has been completed.  After words, the family can arrange for a service at their convenience.

When compared to other providers, your prices are very affordable. Does this mean the deceased is given any less care?  Absolutely not!  From the time your loved one enters into our care to when the ashes are returned, the entire process is taken care of with compassion and respect by our knowledgeable and dedicated staff. 

How much does your cremation service cost? Our charges start at $1295.00 when your loved one is brought into our care from a hospital, coroner’s office, nursing or personal care home, hospice facility or if the deceased is already at another funeral home.  

An additional fee of $200.00 will apply if we need to bring your loved one into our care from a private residence. Deaths from a private residence require us to bring your loved one into our care in a much shorter period of time.   

When and how do I pay? We require all services to be paid in full at the time of service. We accept cash, check, money orders and all major credit cards.   

What happens after the cremation?  The ashes are placed into a temporary container unless you selected a permanent urn from us. We will than contact you to make arrangements to pick up the ashes from our facility. If desired, we can mail the ashes to you for an additional fee.

Will the cremation be performed individually or with others?   We only ever cremate one person in the cremation chamber at a time and the ashes will only be of that person.

In what areas are your services available? We serve the following counties and their communities located within Northeastern Pennsylvania:

Lackawanna, Luzerne, Susquehanna, Pike, Wayne, Wyoming and Monroe.

If you reside in one of these counties but your loved one has passed away in a county not located within our service area than please contact us to see how we can help.  In most cases we can bring your loved one into our care for an additional transportation charge. 

After cremation, what can be done with the ashes?

Most people choose one of three options:

  1. Place them in a permanent urn and have them placed at a permanent place of remembrance.  This can include having the urn either buried in the ground or entombed above ground at a cemetery.

  2. Kept in the security of your home.  Many people find comfort in having their loved ones ashes placed into an appropriate permanent urn and kept at home.  Plans should be made with your loved ones after your death as to what should be done with the ashes in your safe keeping.

  3. Scattering.  Many times a loved one requests to have their ashes scattered at a favorite spot.  Scattering can be done on your property but keep in mind that if the property is sold you may not have access to the scattering location.  Other times, scattering is requested on public lands where a favorite out door activity was enjoyed.  Scattering on public lands does sometimes require permission from the agency that maintains the land.  Many times people will scatter on public lands in a discreet manner. Ashes can also be scattered on top of an existing family burial plot at a cemetery. 

My loved one was a veteran of the armed services, what does the Department of Veteran Affairs provide? All honorably discharged veterans are entitled to a burial spot at a VA National Cemetery with military honors.  This can include either an in ground interment or if available, an above ground entombment of the ashes. In addition to the burial spot, a government issued headstone and all the costs associated with the interment or entombment is included. 

All veterans buried at their expense in a private cemetery are entitled to receive a complimentary VA headstone to mark the grave.

Other benefits includes an American flag, military honors performed following a ceremony, and burial allowances that can be used towards cremation and burial expenses.  Burial allowances are available to veterans who were collecting disability or a pension from the VA or died in the care of a veteran’s hospital or nursing facility.

Please feel free to contact us to further discuss these benefits that our veterans deserve.

When comparing the costs of various cremation providers what should I consider? Solely selecting a cremation provider based on the lowest advertised price is sometimes not advantageous. Beware of hidden additional charges that are not included in their advertised price. Many times the advertised price is a base price and additional transportation charges, administrative fees or costs associated with the required minimal cremation container are not included.    

 *Simplicity Cremation Care of NEPA total's cremation charge is either $1295.00 or $1495.00. The price is determined by the place of death.  This price includes 1 certified copy of the death certificate and the county cremation permit fee. Any additional charges are determined by you.*

As a consumer, what should I consider when searching for a low cost cremation provider? Remember, not all cremation providers, especially online providers are the same. It's your loved one, so don't be afraid to ask questions before making a final decision on a provider. Here are some questions that should be asked:

  1. Is the cremation provider local? This will become an important factor at the time of passing and your loved one needs to be removed from the place of death. Some online cremation providers are located out of state and employ third party funeral vendors to handle all of the details on their behalf.  Many in-state low cost cremation providers are located hours away and serve the entire state.

    *Simplicity Cremation Care of NEPA is centrally located in our service area*

    2. Are the people handling your loved ones cremation licensed? Pennsylvania law only allows licensed funeral directors and funeral homes to arrange for cremations to be performed.  A crematory is not allowed to provide cremation services directly to the public since it is not licensed as a funeral home. You can verify a cremation provider’s licensure with the Pennsylvania State Board of Funeral Directors at:         

    *Simplicity Cremation Care of NEPA is family owned and operated by third generation funeral directors* 

    3.    Where is my loved one taken prior to cremation and where is the cremation performed? Some in-state cremation providers that serve the entire state use a third party vendor to bring your loved one from the place of death to the vendor’s location. Your loved one will remain there until they can arrange transport to bring them to their central facility where the cremation will be performed. In some instances the crematory that they use is located hours away in another part of the state.   

    *Simplicity Cremation Care of NEPA brings your loved one directly into our care at its clean and modern facility.  Your loved one is kept in our climate controlled room until the cremation can be performed.  The cremation is performed at a local 4th generation family owned crematory that only uses certified cremation technicians. Now that is peace of mind.*

What is a cremation society?  It’s an organization made up members who pay a subscription fee to ensure their future cremation wishes are met. 

*Simplicity Cremation Care of NEPA does not require a membership fee to use our services on either an at-need or pre-need basis.*